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Map imagines US divided into 50 equally populated states

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

We all know there are 50 states in the country, all made up from political and natural boundaries. A new map shows that if we create new borders between the states, we can create them equal in one thing, population.

This map was created by Neil Freeman as a project and is not taken seriously by governing officials. 

"This is an art project, not a serious proposal. So take it easy with the emails about the sacred soil of Texas," Freeman said about the map.

All states are broken up equally by population. In 2010 the population of the country was over 308 million people so each state would have roughly 6,200,000 people in it.

Notice here in Arizona, ,he state would be called Phoenix, and Phoenix would still be the capitol. Makes sense as it is the largest city in the area and is the current capitol. But parts of southern California and New Mexico would become part of the new state and it would be slightly smaller than the current state we know.

One thing this would do would is give each state an equal vote in the electoral college and an equal number of representatives in the House of Representatives.

Here is a link to Freeman's site.

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