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Squirrels are getting fat this winter

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

You might be feeling a little bloated after the holiday season but one species may be feeling it more so. Warm weather could be making your neighborhood squirrel a little chunky this year.

El Nino this year has the weather pattern in an unusual funk and the squirrels may be taking advantage of this. With mild weather seen so far this season in North America and Europe the trees have left an abundance of nuts and seeds on their branches which is the squirrels may food source. And with the abundance of food left, the squirrels are just eating away.

Squirrels typically store up fat at the end of fall to put on reserves for the harsh winter, and with the harsh winter delayed the squirrels are just adding to the weight they already gained in November. 

Here are some of the photos captured this year of the obese squirrels:

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