Fans show support for Cardinals

. - Fans of all ages showed their support for the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC Championship against the Carolina Panthers. 

Many fans said this game is bringing Arizona together. 

"Arizona is coming together as a state especially with the cardinals. I want the cardinals to kick some butt," said Richard Dewitt, a fan. 

Even though the Cardinals were losing at half time, fans were optimistic their team would pull through and win.

The Cardinals fell 15-49 to the Panthers, leaving fans disappointed.

"It's hard. I'm disappointed right now," said Denaro Rodarte, a Cardinals fan.

Reagrdless of the outcome, many fans say they're proud of their team and happy they were able to make it this far. 

"We're awesome. Cardinals are everywhere. You know what I'm saying?" Said Ben Fajardo, a Cardinals fan.

"I've been a fan my entire life  I've lived in Arizona all my life, born and raised. So I support all my Arizona teams," said Frank Torrez, a fan

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