2016 Outstanding High School Faculty Award Winner: Dr. Carolyn Zeiher - Canyon del Oro

2016 Outstanding High School Faculty Award Winner: Dr. Carolyn Zeiher - Canyon del Oro

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Congratulations to Dr. Carolyn Zeiher of Canyon del Oro High School, who was named the winner of the 2016 U of A/Circle K Outstanding High School Faculty Award. Read more about her below:

KOLD News 13 has been introducing Tucson to several excellent educators, through Teacher Tributes and today is no exception with another candidate for Teacher of the year.

Dr. Carolyn Zeiher knows students want to have fun while they learn. She turns AP Biology into a memorable experience for teens at Canyon del Oro High School.

Science comes alive in her class. It isn't all about reading from a text book.

"Dr. Zeiher is more passionate about teaching than anyone I've ever had," said Eddie Vargas, a junior.

"Not only does she love her job, she loves teaching her students and she cares," said Saddie Keester, a senior. "There's a lot of teachers that don't care, and she really does."

The key is hands-on learning. In a recent lab, teens got to work, grabbing leaves and lamps.

"They can see photosynthesis in action, not just from some chart in a textbook," Zeiher said.

Zeiher has taught Biology/Biotechnology for the past 15 years at CDO.

"I'm constantly changing the labs we do in the class as I find new labs to do," Zeiher said.

"She at least spends 10 hours a day here at school," Vargas said. "Just preparing the lessons, preparing our labs."

According to Vargas, AP Biology is tough, but Zeiher's dedication to teaching is paying off.

"I'm ready to go to college. I know what it is going to be like to go to college. I have the skills that I need to be a better person," Vargas said.

Making sure they are really getting the material is the goal.

When her kids start saying, "Wow, this is science; look at science; isn't that cool?" Zeiher knows she is getting through.

"I feel honored to have been hired and worked 15 years here."

Anyone can see that Zeiher really enjoys being part of the teens' lives. She also works with the science club. Students in the club often make it to state competitions and some of those project take home the top prize.

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