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Burrata Mozzarella - Mama Louisa's

Burrata Mozzarella - Mama Louisa's (2041 S. Craycroft Road)
Burrata Filling
2 C Mozzarella curd. (Chopped medium)
2 C Heavy cream
2 Tbsp good Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pinch salt and pepper (to taste)
Add mozzarella curd and heavy cream to food processor; pulse till whipped.
Add olive oil, salt and pepper.
Remove ingredients from mixer and put into a bowl.
Burrata Pouch
1 lb. Mozzarella curd (chopped medium)
Boiling water, salted (Medium pot )
Ice water (Large bowl)
Wooden spoon
4 Rubber Gloves (2 for each hand)
Boil water, turn off heat once boiling point is reached.
Let water cool for 1 minute then add fresh curd.
Let sit for 2 minutes stirring occasionally
As mozzarella curd melts, stir and stretch till shine - do not over stretch!
Once curd is fully melted and mixed together, tear off a golf ball sized
piece. Place the small ball of curd in the palm of your hand; then press your palms together.
In a circular motion spread the cheese out into a circular shape.
Place a tbsp scoop of the whipped curd filling mixture in the center of
the stretched cheese.
Fold fresh cheese over the filling mixture making a pouch.
Quickly twist the cheese and pinch together to seal the pouch.
Place in bowl of ice water to cool.
Repeat steps till desired amount of burrata is made.

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