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Another asteroid slams into Jupiter

Cropped still from a video by Gerrit Kernbauer of Austria. Cropped still from a video by Gerrit Kernbauer of Austria.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, had another asteroid smash into it last month, according to  That makes this impact the fifth seen in the past decade.  The flash from the impact can be seen in the image to the left.  This image was pulled from the following video of the impact, courtesy of Gerrit Kernbauer of Austria.  

Kernbauer had this to say about the video:

I was observing and filming Jupiter with my Skywatcher Newton 200/1000 Telescope. The seeing was not the best, so I hesitated to process the videos. Nevertheless, 10 days later, I looked through the videos and found this strange light spot that appeared for less than one second on the edge of the planetary disc. Thinking back to Shoemaker-Levy 9, my only explanation for this is an asteroid or comet that enters Jupiter’s high atmosphere and burned up/exploded very fast.

John McKeon of Ireland also caught the flash on video (below) while recording a time-lapse of Jupiter and its moons.  He explained on his you tube page:

The original purpose of the imaging session was to get this time-lapse, with a happy coincidence of the impact in the second last capture of the night.

Asteroid impacts are not thought to be that uncommon on Jupiter's surface, due to its very large size and strong gravitational pull.

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