Peru's river changes over time

Peru's river changes over time
Credit: USGS Landsat

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Peru's Ucayali River has changed drastically in 30 years. Here is a GIF to show how much it has changed since 1985.

This was provided by USGS Landsat. Each frame in the graphic represents one year.

Notice how the water eats away the land and can change its course entirely. Water follows the path of least resistance and sometimes will create a new path.

This GIF was provided by the USGS Landsat program. This shows the same river in a larger area of land.

You can't notice changes day-to-day, but slowly over time you can see how water affects land. This happens to rivers all over the world and has happened often along the course of the 2,300-mile Mississippi River in the United States.

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