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Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Sean Miller smiled when he heard the question.

"What happened to your shirts?"

The shirts. Also known as the sweat-soaked viral gold that seemed to capture the imagination of a nation, the night Arizona lost in the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. 

"I'm actually glad you brought that up," said Miller. 


"I always tell my kids, 'Don't embarrass yourself, your family, Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, University of Arizona.' I probably got all of them by sweating."

Unbeknownst to the casual fan, that night was no different than most other game nights for Miller.

"It seemed like something happened to me. Like I was sick. Or like I was a raving lunatic on the sideline and I sweated at a level that's never been seen before."

Except that wasn't the case. The difference?

"I tried a new shirt that was positioned to me as being more breathable. And they were right."

My were they ever.  The shirt wasn't just breathable, it may as well have been made out of air. The result? Instant meme reaction.

"I never wore a t-shirt under it. It never affected that before although I've sweated."

Consider the lesson learned.

"I didn't sweat on that day any more. It's that I didn't try out the shirt that I wore. Clearly made an error, not having an undershirt. And no question, I had a bad night."

The positive spin?

"I think more people talked about me and less about our team and that may be a good thing."

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