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The #OurHouse campaign

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Greg Byrne and Rich Rodriguez announced their new Arizona football season ticket campaign on Monday afternoon. It's an open door policy, come on in and bring your friends. Mi casa su casa, you get it. That's because the theme is #OurHouse fronted by the hashtag, we live in a digital age so no surprise there.

Rich Rod hinted that a new goal of his this offseason would be to break the number record for number of season tickets sold before an Arizona regular season. So of course he had to sell the future. One way, maybe the best way, is to bring in the right players. Recruiting is everything and the Arizona shotcaller said, "Right now i think we're putting together the best recruiing class in the history of Arizona football... this year." So that helps right?

Hear more from Monday's media meet and greet by clicking on the link above.

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