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Guest viewpoint: Prop 123 an attempt to decrease education funding

(Source: KOLD News 13) (Source: KOLD News 13)

Hi. My name is Morgan Abraham with "No on Prop 123."

Triggers, Trusts and Tax Cuts.

Make no mistake, Prop 123 is an attempt to fundamentally decrease how much we fund education forever!

It adds triggers that pull money from education. The most important trigger caps how much our state can spend on education at 49 percent of our general fund, making it impossible to reach 2007 levels of funding under the current budget ever again.

It pulls over $2 billion of principle from the land trust, which will cause the trust to pay out $100 million less a year for education forever!

It also frees up the $600 million budget surplus for tax cuts! The same budget surplus that the courts ruled should be spent on education! Why else would two billionaires spend $1 million each to pass Prop 123?

Our schools can still get the money they need. By voting No on Prop 123 we will let the Arizona Supreme Court do its job and demand schools get the money voters approved from Prop 301.

We can get our schools the money they are owed without the Triggers, Trusts and Tax Cuts in Prop 123.

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