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Rocket landing as seen from onboard camera

Image: Blue Origin Image: Blue Origin

Blue Origin, the private spaceflight company owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, has successfully launched and landed three test flights in less than 5 months, according to  Last week Blue Origin released the on-board "rocket cam" video of the rocket's reentry and descent to the ground, following its launch on April 2nd.  Check it out!

The launch sent the rocket known as "New Shepard,"  nearly 65 miles into the air.  An unmanned Crew Capsule separated from the the rocket and parachuted back to Earth.  Shortly after, the rocket fell back to Earth and made a successful upright landing, as seen in the video above.

Blue Origin is planning to offer a spaceflight experience (for those who can afford it) in the near future.  More information can be found here.

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