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The road to the adult club rugby championship goes through Tucson

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Dave Sitton would be in heaven this weekend.

Heaven on earth that is.

The sport that the late UA broadcaster and club rugby coach championed is coming to town in a big way Saturday and Sunday.

USA Rugby will hold one half of its Senior Club National Quarterfinals at the Kino Sports Complex.

Men’s and Women’s adult rugby clubs will compete for spots in the National Championships June 5-6 in Denver, Colorado.

The events is being hosted by the Tucson Magpies, a local Division III club team.

Quarterfinal matches will be held on Saturday with the semifinals on Sunday.

There are three men’s divisions (I, II and III) and two women’s divisions (I and II).

The event will feature two reigning National Champions, the Men of Life West (Division I) and Women of the Seattle Saracens (Division I).

The other half of the National Quarterfinals are being held this weekend in Pittsburgh.

Here’s the schedule of matches:

Saturday 10:00 AM Field 1 Men’s D3 Orange County Ravens vs. Napa Valley Rugby
Saturday 10:00 AM Field 2 Men’s D2 Provo Steelers vs. Little Rock Stormers
Saturday 10:00 AM Field 3 Men’s D3 St. Louis Royals vs. Euless Texans

Saturday 12:00 PM Field 1 Men’s D2 Tempe Old Devils vs. Sacramento Capitals
Saturday 12:00 PM Field 2 Women’s D2 Ventura County Outlaws vs. Life West Gladiatrix
Saturday 12:00 PM Field 3 Women’s D2 Kansas City Jazz vs. Houston Athletic

Saturday 2:00 PM Field 1 Women’s D1 Santa Monica Dolphins vs. Seattle Saracens
Saturday 2:00 PM Field 2 Women’s D1 Denver Black Ice vs. Austin Valkyries

Saturday 4:00 PM Field 1 Men’s D1 Pacific South #1 vs. Life West Gladiators
Saturday 4:00 PM Field 2 Men’s D1 Austin Blacks vs. Dallas Rugby

Sunday 9:00 AM Field 1 Women’s D2 Loser Match 5 vs. Loser Match 6
Sunday 9:00 AM Field 2 Men’s D3 Loser Match 1 vs. Loser Match 3

Sunday 11:00 AM Field 1 Men’s D2 Winner Match 2 vs. Winner Match 4
Sunday 11:00 AM Field 2 Men’s D3 Winner Match 1 vs. Winner Match 3
Sunday 11:00 AM Field 3 Men’s D2 Loser Match 2 vs. Loser Match 4

Sunday 12:45 PM Field 1 Women’s D1 Winner Match 7 vs. Winner Match 8
Sunday 12:45 PM Field 2 Women’s D2 Winner Match 5 vs. Winner Math 6
Sunday 12:45 PM Field 3 Women’s D1 Loser Match 7 vs. Loser Match 8

Sunday 2:30 PM Field 1 Men’s D1 Winner Match 9 vs. Winner Match 10
Sunday 2:30 PM Field 2 Men’s D1 Loser Match 9 vs. Loser Match 10 

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