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Cave system is not like anything else on Earth

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A cave system near the Black Sea in Romania has not seen sunlight in nearly 5.5 million years. This has lead to the animal life looking more martian than Earthly.

Since little air has penetrated the cave the air is poisonous to most creatures but the life that does exists down there has evolved to live in it. 

The cave was first discovered in 1986 and since then less than 100 people have visited the cave. That is about the same as the amount of people that have visited the moon.

No light enters the cave so most creatures have no color and look more like something from an alien planet. They have extra antenna and limbs to help navigate around the cave.

So far 48 species have been identified in the Movile cave and most of these species don't live anywhere else on Earth. But after 5.5 million years of isolated you would not expect to find them anywhere else.

Credit: Patrick Landmann/SPL. A CaveWoodlouse.

Credit: Thierry Berrod, Mona Lisa Production/SPL. A leech.

Credit: Patrick Landmann/SPL. A Waterscorpion attacks a crustacean.

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