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Rare video of Bryde's whale feeding

Credit: www.nmfs.noaa.gov Credit: www.nmfs.noaa.gov

Researchers from Auckland University of Technology captured rare video footage of a Bryde's whale and calf feeding off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand earlier this month.  Check it out:

According to earthsky.com, there are likely less than 200 of these whales remaining in the water surrounding New Zealand.  The whale weighs approximately 12 tons and is nearly 40 feet long.  They feed on plankton floating just under the surface of the water.  

Part of what makes this video so unique is that it was shot using a drone, which is what allowed the camera to come so close to the whales without disturbing them.  The researchers believe this was the first time that a drone has been used to capture video of a Bryde's whale feeding. 

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