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Make monsoon safety a habit

(Source: KOLD News 13) (Source: KOLD News 13)

The monsoon is just getting started and we’re already seeing a lot of people display a lot of bad habits. 

They are driving through running washes thinking they can make it through. 

Many people do - but a lot of people don’t, and they don’t realize how they’re endangering their own lives along with those of their families.

It only takes a few inches of a water to lift your car or truck off the ground and wash you away. Turn around and don’t drown. Being late is better than being stuck or trapped in rising water.

Driving a truck or a minivan doesn’t mean you’re safe from the danger.

Even if a wash is dry you’re not allowed to go around barricades. That’s illegal, and if you’re caught you could be facing more than a $100 fine.

We hate to have to keep reminding you about these things, but we keep seeing people who think they can outsmart nature - and the results can be deadly.

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