Car experts offer advice for monsoon maintenance

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson can see quite a bit of rain during the monsoon, and thanks to a mixture of heat, rain and dust, cars can take quite a beating.

Tucson News Now spoke to car experts to find issues car owners should be looking for ahead of the next downpour.

Experts with AAA said now that it's dry, it's a good time to check windshield wipers.

Car owners should look at the rubber and make sure it's not cracked or hard. They should also run their wipers on occasion, and if they see streaks or the wipers are not working, it's time to replace them.

Another thing to stay on top of this monsoon is tires.

The condition of tires can have a big effect on a driver's ability to stop. Car owners should look to see if their tires are worn, and as well as keep their tire pressure up to par.

Because of the moisture already seen this season, some might notice a funny smell coming from their air conditioner.

Eddie Paz, a service consultant with AAA Auto Repair in Tucson said to start an outside air first.

"You have a re-cir mode and an outside air. Try to start it with outside air so that it dries all that wetness that's inside your vents, so that it kills it, because it can build up mold and stuff in there," Paz said.

When driving in heavy rain or dust, drivers should be sure to have their lights on, so other drivers can see them.

However, if visibility gets so low that they need to pull over, having their lights on could actually put them more at risk.

"When you're driving, you can't see anything, they're looking at the road in front of you so if they see lights, they're going to follow the lights because they're following the traffic, the flow. So just pull over, turn your lights off. That way no one also follows you to the right and causes an accident, so it's best just to keep the lights off," Paz said.

Remember if visibility is low, drive slow.

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