Copy-Trump Flakes, Clinton Crunch help raise money for entrepreneurial college student

CLEVELAND (RNN) – There's a long line of unusual things one might see at Cleveland's Republican National Convention.

Crazy costumes. Signs of protest. Men and women open carrying firearms. Comedian Stephen Colbert dressed up as a character from The Hunger Games.

But candidate-themed breakfast cereal may take the crown.

Dan Malafronte and Darrin Maconi took a nine hour, caffeine-fueled road trip from New Jersey to Ohio to sell their kooky concoctions: Trump Flakes and Clinton Crunch.

The two cereals are takes on familiar brands. Trump Flakes, the undoubtedly more popular brand in Cleveland, are emblazoned with a fusion of the billionaire's campaign catchphrase as well as the classic Tony Tiger refrain, "They're great."

It's all in the name of raising money for tuition at Brookdale Community College, where Malafronte is majoring in business.

"We're raising money for my school," Malafronte said. "I had a friend who had designed a cereal box for a project before, and we thought it would be a great idea."

Maconi, who has already graduated from Stockton University in New Jersey with a degree in finance, said the project was entrepreneurial as well as charitable for Malafronte.

"It cost us roughly $25 to make each box, and we put up all our own money," Maconi said.

The pair set up shop on Cleveland's famous Euclid Avenue for the first time on Monday. Each box is for sale for $40.

"We've sold about 400 boxes since our test run in early July," Maconi said.

The two business-savvy friends are planning to travel to Philadelphia next week to the Democratic National Convention, a destination where the Clinton Crunch line is apt to be more popular.

"We'll be staying all week in Cleveland beforehand if we don't sell out," Malafronte said.

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