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Gronk tackles TV

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Former Wildcat Rob Gronkowski's offseason activities have become very visible, for better or for... better, in Rob's case. His latest off the field side show has once again attracted some cameras, but this time it is a very family friendly atmosphere. 

The 27 year old Patriots tight end became the host of Nickelodeon's new show Crashletes that debuted this July. It's a show for kids and who better to host the show than the biggest kid of them all... Gronk.

"It's kind of like Ridiculousness on MTV, but it's for kids and it's a lot goofier," he says. "My co-hosts [Stevie Nelson and Brandon Broady] are great, and we have fun feeding off of each other and laughing while we're watching clips of people messing up while attempting to do athletic things. It's great for kids; they're going to love it." 

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