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People deserve chance to vote on marijuana legalization

(Source: KOLD News 13) (Source: KOLD News 13)

This November, you'll likely get to vote on whether to allow recreational marijuana in Arizona. A judge recently refused to block a ballot initiative after hearing a challenge from several county attorneys and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

They made several claims, including that the wording on the ballot would be too short to include everything that would change if this measure passes. Those include DUI laws, employment regulations, and child custody issues. They also made several other technical challenges – and the judge rejected all of them.

The opponents plan to appeal – but we think they should get out of the way and let Arizonans vote on it. We understand marijuana legalization is a heated and emotional issue. That's all the more reason to put it to a public vote and resolve it at the ballot box instead of in the courtroom. Even if the courts end up blocking it this time, there will be a next time, and it will get onto the ballot eventually. In my opinion it’s better to answer this question now.

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