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Majority of teachers still hesitant to use social media in classroom

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A simple social media post between a teacher and a student can turn into the slippery slope of an inappropriate relationship.

A new survey reveals teachers' hesitations to integrate social media into their classroom.

Experts from the University of Phoenix report four out of five teachers said they are worried about conflicts that can occur from using social media
with students. More than 85 percent have not incorporated it into their classrooms and about 60 percent have no plans to do so.

But Amphitheater Unified School District officials are supporting teachers who want to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for instruction.

Amphitheater High teacher Chris Boknevitz has been using Instagram for three years now.

“I was trying to reach kids where they were ... at home," Boknevitz said. "That’s where Instagram came along. I chose it because everyone was on it. It was simple for me to use it and simple for me to post information.”

The English teacher is one of a handful of instructors that encourage social media use in their classroom. Boknevitz said he posts PowerPoint slides and homework assignments weekly.

But he’s put some rules in place to avoid problems when it comes to posts, likes and comments.

“I don’t want to blur that line, I want to keep it as professional as possible," he said. "You just get into all sorts of other problems if you start following some body. So I just keep it strictly professional so that there is no following. It’s simply a way to deliver material to them.”

He said teachers should not be afraid to use social media in their classroom. He advises instructors to research all the platforms and check the comments section regularly.

Sunnyside Unified School District's social media policy can be read HERE.

Amphitheater Unified School District’s social media policy can be read HERE.

Stefanie Boe, spokeswoman for the Tucson Unified School District said, "[there is] no specific policy for social media, but lots of policies on acceptable behavior."

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