What emotions do dogs feel?

What emotions do dogs feel?

Any dog owner will tell you that they have an emotional connection with their pet, but is the feeling mutual?  According to a Secret Life of Pets-themed infographic put out by Healthy Paws, pets definitely do have emotions. Check it out!

Some of the emotions highlighted:

Anger - Dogs have capacity for emotions similar to that of a 2-year-old child.

Grief/Sadness - More than half of dogs showed four or more changes in behavior after losing a pet companion.

Fear - Found in most dogs during thunderstorms.

Joy - MRI's have shown that the aroma of dog's owner triggers activation in the "reward center" of the dog's brain.

Love - Just like in humans, the hormone oxytocin is found in dogs.  This hormone is involved with feelings of affection and love for others.

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