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Republican, Democratic leaders discuss impact of AZ's primary election

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PIMA COUNTY, AZ ( Tucson News Now) -

As Arizona residents head to the polls Tuesday, many are watching the race for the Senate. 

Senator John McCain has said this race could be his most difficult yet.

McCain is seeking a sixth term.

Even though Arizona is a republican state, experts say anger over Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump could change that both in this election and in November.

McCain’s main challenger in Tuesday’s Primary Election is former state Senator Kelli Ward.

The Republican candidates are up against Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in just a few months.

Tucson News Now spoke to local officials on both sides of the isle about Tuesday's race.

“The people that we elect are supposed to be representing all of us, not just a smaller portion of us…not just special interest or the wealthy or corporations. They are supposed to be representing all of us even those of us who have the least and who are struggling," said Jo Holt, Pima County Democratic Party Chair.

Pima County Republican Party Chairman Bill Beard said he believes Kirkpatrick will have her hands full, because Arizona is a Republican state.

“The newest numbers for Republican versus Democrat registration showed a huge spike in Republicans registering to vote in Arizona, and I think that’s
only positive for any Republican candidates running in the state of Arizona in the November election," he said.

Holt said, however, voters needs to make sure they understand who they are voting for. 

“It is one thing to go and vote, but to go and vote without understanding who you are voting for, or without even knowing who you are voting for…you could actually end up doing a great deal of damage,” Holt said.

“It is your responsibility to educate yourself about what the candidates are saying, what ideas you want to support moving the country forward and moving the county forward, moving your local neighborhood forward. That’s only going to happen if educated citizens go out, take the time to do their due diligence on where the different candidates stand on the various issues,” Beard said. 

Polls opened Tuesday at 6 a.m. and will close at 7 p.m. 

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