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Survivor warns of random shooting on Tucson's east side

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Paul Disner didn't know what hit him while he was driving north on Harrison Road near Escalante Road Tuesday night in Tucson.

The Air Force veteran assumed it was a rock that shattered his driver side window, but a stream of blood pooling into his shirt alerted him to something much worse.

A bullet hit him in the neck.

Disner steered his car to a space off the road where he had seen another car parked with its headlights facing his direction. The other car sped off and Disner, a registered nurse, couldn't find his cell phone.

He pulled himself together and drove several blocks north to a Circle K at Golf Links and Harrison.

"I just slapped pressure on it and used one hand to drive," said Disner.

He said the clerk inside was surprised to see him, but it was Disner who was stunned when he arrived at the hospital. An X-ray showed that he could've died if the bullet hit just a little differently.

"A millimeter either way...definitely wouldn't be talking to you right now," he said.

Investigators have not made an arrest in the shooting. Disner said he didn't think about it when the shooting happened, but now he has some suspicions about the car that drove away during his time of need.

"I'm imagining if somebody saw that they would be a Good Samaritan and find out what happened,"said Disner.

Anyone with information should call Tucson Police or report it anonymously through 88-CRIME.

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