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Arians serves as the host again

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - “He would be fun to coach, there’s no doubt about it,” Arians said during a conference call on Wednesday. It's not a knee jerk reaction, Jameis and Arians have met before.

The Cardinals 2x NFL Coach of the Year hosted a high school football camp in Birmingham, AL when his son lived there about ten years ago. A 12 year old Winston attended the camp and got to talk to the Arizona shotcaller. “One thing I just remember is him showing me those Super Bowl rings, and I still haven’t gotten one yet, so I’m shooting for that," Winston said. "He really motivated me to go after a Super Bowl. He showed me that Pittsburgh one and it was gorgeous, so he really inspired me to go after a Super Bowl.”

Arians also chimed in to add to the friendly exchange. “’Jaboo’ is legend in Birmingham,” Arians said. “My son lived in Birmingham - we had a little football camp back then in Birmingham and he threw one day. We had a bunch of local kids there and one of his high school coaches was a good friend of mine, so we’ve known him and watched him grow and we’re very, very proud of him.” 

Winston is coming off one of his best performances as a pro after he authored a 281 yd passing performance with 4 TD's. Arizona is coming off what some pundits think was an embarrassing loss at home to Patriots team that traveled without their key playmakers. Ten years later Arians serves as the host again as the Bucs travel to Glendale for the Sunday showdown.

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