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Second woman comes forward with accusations against former UA football player

Orlando Bradford (Source: Tucson Police Department) Orlando Bradford (Source: Tucson Police Department)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

While Orlando Bradford remains in jail on a now $40,000 bond, Tucson News Now is learning about more domestic violence claims against him.

The second woman reported his alleged abuse to police last week, the day after Bradford was arrested.

New on Monday, Tucson News Now obtained court documents that reveal what she says happened.

According to Tucson police, this second woman had an intimate relationship with Bradford between January and September of this year. The officer writes Bradford allegedly attacked the woman several times during that period, which included choking, scratching, and slapping her in the face causing her nose to bleed.

Her experience appeared to be similar to the first alleged victim’s story.  

Tucson News Now reached out to Emerge! Center of Domestic Abuse to see if this is something like this is what they see often among alleged abusers. 

“It’s not unusual at all to see the same tactics used with different partners because there’s a certain comfort level that person has or there are certain tactics that person has learned are effective and that’s what they’re going to tend to use as their go-to,” said Ed Mercurio-Sakwa CEO, Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse.

On Monday U of A football head coach Rich Rodriguez commented about the allegations, "We have a rule. You put your hands on a woman you're done. That's it. There ain't no sit down and talk. If you did it, if you put your hands on a woman, any way shape or form, you're done."

Bradford is now facing four additional aggravated assault charges on top of his seven felony counts, including domestic violence kidnapping. 

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