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WATCH: Spider pops out of child's banana

(Source: Kiersta Woodard / Facebook) (Source: Kiersta Woodard / Facebook)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A Virginia mom has a message for everyone out there -- inspect your fruits and veggies.

Kiersta Woodard's warning comes after a "terrifying ordeal" she shared Monday morning on Facebook.

Woodard said she handed an unpeeled banana to her son William.

She said William saw something moving in the banana, screamed and threw it across the table.

"Next thing you know, I see legs crawling across my table and some sort of sac on the end of the banana." Woodard wrote in the Facebook post. "We never, ever, would have imagined something like this happening to us. Please be sure to thoroughly inspect your fruits and veggies, especially for your little ones and elderly."

Woodard said she's shocked with how many people have seen the video, By Tuesday afternoon, it had more than 12 million views.

"I am blown away with how far this video has reached," Woodard said. "I have received an insane outpour of people reaching out checking on my son and worrisome for their own families."

This isn't the first time a spider-banana video has gone viral.

In June 2015, Kaleb Lechowski uploaded a video to YouTube.

Lechowski's video, was can be seen below, shows a rather large spider pushing its way out of a banana.

To the relief of banana lovers and arachnophobes everywhere, Lechowski's video turned out to be fake. Lechowski, who lives in Berlin, turns out to be pretty well- known for his special effects and his YouTube channel is littered with examples.

There is no indication that Woodard's video is either fake or real, but it turns out a certain type of venomous spider is known to hide in shipments of bananas.

There have been reports of Brazilian wandering spiders showing up in a bunch of bananas, mostly in England.

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