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Islamic, Jewish, & Sikh women in Tucson discuss peace at panel discussion

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(Source: The Culture of Peace Alliance) (Source: The Culture of Peace Alliance)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA) is working with community organizations to carry out several peace-building projects in Tucson to honor of International Day of Peace.

One of which is a panel discussion entitled 'Women’s Voices Building Peace in Islam, Judaism, and Sikhi' which featured three local women sharing stories of peacemaking from their specific faith traditions: Islam, Judaism, and Sikhi.

The event was held at the Muslim Community Center of Tucson, located at 5100 North Kevy Place. Rula Khalidi, Jacky Turchick, and Sat Bir Kaur Khalsa shared their personal stories of women peace-builders from Islam, Judaism, and Sikhi, with examples drawn from history, current times, and their own personal experiences.

"Our every day lives, we are always affecting history," said Jewish panelist Jacky Turchick. "Whatever we're doing, we're affecting history."

Guests were also able to participate in small dialogue circles after their presentation, which will be led by circle facilitators who have been trained and certified by Our Family’s Center for Community Dialogue.

"So often in conversation, we're so busy thinking about what we're going to say next that we're really not listening to each other," said Our Family's Center for Community Dialogue volunteer Kathryn Leavey. "The circle's process imposes a discipline on the conversation so that everybody listens intently and is encouraged to speak from the heart."

"We are all brothers," said Abraham Alfatesh. "Come and talk in our mosque, in our community center, and do whatever you want. Then we will become all together, listening to each other and love each other in all time."

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