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Tucson's 39th annual Pride Festival kicks off

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson's annual Pride Festival, organized by Tucson Lesbian and Gay Alliance, kicked off with a parade on 4th Avenue Friday evening. 

More than 700 people were expected to march in this 16th annual parade.

The festival continues Saturday, Oct. 1 at Reid Park at noon. It will be hosted by Lucinda Holliday and Tempest DuJour. The event at Reid Park will have even tighter security, according to John Foley president of Tucson Pride. 

Officers with the Tucson Police Department helped keep an eye on things during the parade.  Organizers also asked participants to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. 

"The one at Reid Park is fenced in. We're going to have our private security company plus Tucson police department out there. All bags are being searched and we're even doing a pat down. Because we want people to be safe," Foley said. 

Participants said it's great to see just how much support there is in this community, especially after tragic events like the Orlando nightclub shooting. 

"It's pretty awesome knowing that 10 years ago would not be excited as they are now to be who they are, and do what they want to do," said Bridgette Summerville, a participant. 

"It means that there is probably a little bit more acceptance in the world. Just to have everybody as parade participant or as a spectator, you know. Just coming out and supporting everybody and having a really great time," said Steven Rivers, a parade participant.

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