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Arizona man creates technology to help secure border


You may not know what SEIDARM stands for. But Glenn Spencer does, he created the technology.

Spencer had an idea for tracking activity along the border.

He wanted to get an accurate count on the number of people crossing the border. So he created Seismic Detection and Ranging Mechanism or SEIDARM. Spencer started the process about 13 years ago. Just six years ago he had his first demonstration for a group of lawmakers.

Fast forward six years and the technology continues to improve.

The technology has a similar concept to radar and sonar. The line which is similar to an extension cord comes in 5-mile sections.

It can be placed in the ground as deep as 10 feet and the whole program is solar powered. The lines can detect movement as far as 500 feet from the line.

It can detect animals, low-flying aircraft and people and the program knows the difference between all three.

Once a person is detected, the program sets off an alarm allowing Spencer to send out his drone to get video of the people coming close to the line. In the case of a demonstration, it detected some of Spencer’s employees.

The program works at night and even in the rain and Spencer said it “can revolutionize border security and make border patrol happier.”

He also has an automatic setting, that once movement is detected near the line, the drone will take off on its own.

Spencer believes that he can set up a line along the border from El Paso, Texas, to San Diego. He thinks that line could be setup in a two-month period at a cost of about, $100,000 a mile.

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