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Ex-Tucson reporters sentenced in child endangerment case

Somchai Lisaius and Krystin Lisaius Somchai Lisaius and Krystin Lisaius
ORO VALLEY, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Two former Tucson television reporters got probation, and no jail time, when they were sentenced on Monday, Oct. 3, on child endangerment charges after their baby tested positive for cocaine.

Somchai P. Lisaius, a former reporter at Tucson News Now, and Krystin Rae Lisaius, a former reporter at KGUN 9, were sentenced to 30 days in jail and one year probation. However, the jail sentence was suspended.

The couple was indicted on child abuse and drug possession charges June 9 after police said their baby tested positive for cocaine. The Lisaiuses pleaded guilty to child endangerment, on Aug. 31. The child abuse and drug possession charges were dropped under a plea agreement, which the judge accepted Monday.

According to police reports, Krystin Lisaius said she thought the cocaine had already left her system when she breastfed her baby. 

Both defendants have expressed regret and taken responsibility for their actions. Kristin Lisaius also received 20 hours community service, Som Lisaius got 100 hours.

Their lawyer said the baby's pediatrician reported the child suffered no injury and is meeting all development standards. 

Before sentencing, Som Lisaius addressed the court.

"Your honor, I just want to apologize for putting us, for putting our family in this terrible position. I know we made a mistake I know that we are the ones solely responsible. We learned the greatest lesson of our life, and I assure you from the bottom of my heart, this will never ever repeat," Lisaius said. 

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They originally were facing charges of child abuse with death or serious physical injury likely, possession of a narcotic drug and possession of drug paraphernalia. All three charges are felonies.

According to a police report, the couple took the child to the Oro Valley Hospital on the morning of May 15 because the baby was lethargic and not eating normally.

After refusing to allow a blood test to be run on the child, the parents brought the baby to Banner University Medical Center. 

At Banner, the Lisaiuses again refused to allow a blood test to be run but a urine analysis for the baby showed the presence of cocaine.

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The police report indicated that the couple admitted to snorting cocaine at a party at their home on May 14.

Krystin Lisaius admitted to breastfeeding the child 12 hours after the drug use but said she didn't think the baby would be affected. 

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