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Marana PD joins Child Abduction Response Team

MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

If someone kidnaps a Marana child, the police department will soon have more resources to find the child quicker.
The Marana Police Department is the latest agency in southern Arizona to join the Child Abduction Response Team or CART.
It’s a collaborative effort that specially trains officers from different law enforcement departments to respond to kidnapping cases.
Several agencies in Phoenix are already part of CART. The FBI initiative has hopes to spread the program to southern Arizona.
Tuesday night, the Town of Marana council agreed to move CART plans forward by approving an intergovernmental agreement between the town and other public agencies in Arizona. 
Right now, law enforcement departments from across southern Arizona are willing to help each other if a child goes missing. However, it’s not a very coordinated response according to MPD spokesperson Sgt. Chris Warren.
“A lot of times (before), it just wasn’t as organized,” he said. “This (CART) is going to be able to get those resources there quicker ,in a more organized and efficient manner.”
Warren said there haven’t been any recent kidnappings in Marana to prompt this initiative, but the department wants to be proactive.
“Time is of the essence. The first few hours of a child being abducted or missing is the most important time to be able to hopefully locate that child safely and alive still,” he explained. “It’s not something that happens a lot, not something that we see a lot, but it it’s a major event.”
However, don’t get CART confused with the Amber Alert system.
“CART takes it another step further,” said Warren. “There’s a lot of cases where a child might be missing that doesn’t meet the criteria of an Amber Alert, but we’re still going to be able to send resources help look for the child, help locate the child and investigate if a crime did take place.”
The plan is for at least six Marana officers to have this CART training by the end of this year.
Right now, Oro Valley and Sierra Vista are have formally agreed to be part of CART and work with other agencies.

More agencies are set to sign up too.
CART is in the beginning stages in Southern Arizona. Training officers will take some time.
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