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Tucson woman warns others about scam through Facebook

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A Tucson woman said she was a targeted by a Facebook scam.

She didn't fall for it, but she said she worries others might because the scammers got her friends involved.

“It's an abuse that I will not tolerate,” said Leti Reyna.

When Reyna got a Facebook message from her friend Chris, she thought nothing of it.

They regularly chat on the social media site but their latest conversation was different.

In the message, Chris told Reyna about a government assistance grant. All she had to do is send in a few hundred dollars and she would get up to $90,000 in return.

But it wasn't Chris she was talking to and there is no grant. Scammers copied Chris' profile.

As Reyna continued to chat with Chris, she felt something wasn't right so she picked up the phone and gave her a call.

“I talked to Chris and I said ‘how are you doing’ and she said ‘pretty good’ and then we talked about how she is feeling,” said Reyna. “And then I asked her if she had received the money and she said ‘what money’ and at that point I knew better and I told her what was going on and she said ‘oh no, they are using my name again’.”

After Reyna found out the grant was fake she reported it to Facebook and the Better Business Bureau through their scam tracker.

She said she hopes no one falls for it.

“They are making it so easy for this person to get the money,” she said. “It will entice people to say yes this is legit I want it I want to go for this and they might use their friends again.”

To keep your profile safe BBB recommends not clicking on ads or sponsored posts on Facebook. They said scammers may be using them to hack your page.

For more tips to stay safe from scammers, go to http://www.bbb.org/council/bbb-scam-stopper/

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