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What Proposition 447 means for taxpayers

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As many get ready to fill out early ballots for the November election, some may still have questions as to what they're voting for. 

From emergency services to schools, a lot is at stake in southern Arizona this election.

Proposition 447 is for the third largest school district in southern Arizona, the Amphitheater School District.

It's asking for $58 million in tax dollars.

The district says it has lost about about 87 percent of state funding over the last 8 years.

Now it's turning to the public to keep school buildings and buses up to par. 

The $58 million school improvement bonds would give the Amphi School District money to fix things like leaky roofs, air conditioning units and make upgrades to transportation equipment.

It would also allow Amphi to upgrade technology in the classroom.

Here's what it means for the taxpayer's wallet:

  • Average home owners are looking at a property tax increase of about $2.25 or $27 per year for the next 20 years.
  • Proposition 447 would maintain the current tax levy and doesn't include an increase.

Many Tucson News Now viewers has a lot to say about Proposition 447 on our Facebook page

"Your children were educated in buildings paid for by others as well," said one viewer. "Everyone is responsible for the educating of America."

Another said: "My property taxes per month went up so much this year that even though I wish I could vote yes for these things, I probably won't."

Stay with Tucson News Now as we continue to breakdown more of these ballot measures and what they mean for you.

More info on Prop 447 and polling locations HERE: http://bit.ly/2dInQMj

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