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School vandalized, teacher robbed on Tucson's east side

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Administrators at Tucson Country Day School are asking the public to report to the school or police any electronics found with "TCDS" on them.

The school was vandalized sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, according to school CEO Cindy Kappler.

Tucson police on Wednesday arrested three juveniles in the vandalism/burglary case, according to Sgt. Pete Dugan with TPD.

He said two of the juveniles are teenagers and they face multiple felony charges.

Kappler said Wednesday that whoever was responsible used whatever was available in each classroom to vandalize it, including paint, hand sanitizer and shaving cream.

The suspects took electronics like speakers and an iPad from the school. Kappler said some of it has already been returned because someone noticed a bunch of speakers with "TCDS" stamped on them sitting in a trash bag.

The school-issued iPad that was stolen belonged to Rey Vasquez, a 5th grade science teacher.

Vasquez returned home Tuesday night to find his apartment had been burglarized. He called 911 and searched the house for any suspects but found none.

He also couldn't find three guitars, three amplifiers, two TVs, a laptop and an Xbox, according to Vasquez.

He works at the school, but Vasquez said he believes the two incidents are not related. Sgt. Dugan said Wednesday that detectives found no connection between the two crimes.

Vasquez said the burglary might set him back a bit in his weekend performances as a paid musician, but he's grateful to the Tucson community for a quick and compassionate response. He said several people have already offered to let him borrow their instruments so he can keep performing without missing a beat.

"In the grand scheme of things, even though it was my equipment and it's stuff that I really really love, that I kind of need in my life," said Vasquez. "It's still material things."

Vasquez kept track of the serial numbers on his equipment so he's hoping it will turn up in a pawn shop or someone will notice it someplace it shouldn't belong. Anyone with information can report tips anonymously to 88-CRIME.

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