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Election travel rules are clear, but who pays should be monitored

(Source: KOLD News 13) (Source: KOLD News 13)

We've been reporting on a lot of political campaigning going on by President Obama and the First Lady on behalf of Democrats, and that had one of our viewers asking, who pays the travel expenses for them if they're on campaign business as opposed to official business?

We went right to the Federal Election Commission, and it says the White House looks at whether a trip is official or political. If it's political, the national party committee will have to pick up the tab - rather than the U.S. government.

We think that's a fair arrangement. However, one trip could possibly also have a mix of political and official business - say if the president attends a fundraiser while making an official visit. That has us asking, how do the party and the government work out what parts they'll be paying? It's our tax money that's on the line. And if the lines are blurred between politics and business, that's a big problem. The money we pay for presidential travel shouldn't be a back-door campaign fund.

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