City Council unanimously passes' no deportation' resolution

City Council unanimously passes' no deportation' resolution

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring support for the rights of immigrants and condemning any threats of mass deportations at Tuesday night's meeting.

Tucson now joins 37 other cities that have adopted resolutions similar to this one.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, Vice Mayor Regina Romero, along with TPD Deputy Chief Chad Kasmar, and Lynn Marcus, co-director of the immigration law clinic, held a news conference earlier in the day.

There were two major points made during this news conference. The first was to reassure the immigrant community in Tucson that the rights and well being of everyone will be protected. The second was to make sure they are aware of the resources that are available locally.

"There is no call for panic. Information is power. Get informed. Be prepared. Get involved. And know that there is a lot of support for you in this community," Marcus said.

Romero and other city leaders say they hope this resolution will help ease the concerns they've been hearing from members of the immigrant community. 
"We have been receiving concerns and phone calls and emails. And that's why we are here today," Romero said.

Tucson joins dozens of other cities who have taken this stance over concerns of President-elect Donald Trump's campaign promise to deport up to 11 million undocumented immigrants. Trump has threatened to withhold federal money from cities that do not comply.

"If in the future, and we are not predicting the future. If in the future we are faced with unconstitutional federal law. I have no doubt we will challenge it in the courts. There are limits to federal power and if necessary we will litigate to enforce those limits," Rothschild said.

Not everyone is on board with this resolution though. One man who spoke at Tuesday's council meeting said he's not sure why a resolution like this one is needed.

"We're not going to involved in any mass deportation of people. We don't have the legal authority to do that. So I'm a little confused as to why we need to have something like that," he said,

Others have taken to Facebook to weigh in.

Mark Moore wrote "The council are all in clear violation of Federal law and should be arrested, tried and imprisoned."

Sandy Suhak wrote "Tucson should not be a sanctuary city. That in itself will make a difference. If someone is in this country "unlawfully" that means they BROKE THE LAW! If you or I break the law we will be held accountable. No special treatment, no exceptions. Enforce the law."

The Mayor made it very clear, this resolution does not make Tucson a sanctuary city...

"The term sanctuary city is being tossed around by those who want to wear it as a badge of honor and by those who want to use it to demonize cities as unlawful. .. That is something I do not support," Rothschild said.

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