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Calhoun knows how to recruit cadets

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - "We cast a very large net," that's the way Air Force head Coach Troy Calhoun summarized the foundation of his recruiting scheme. That's because they are recruiting certain kind of a player and they're not exactly the easiest to find.

Many of the Air Force players will someday become fighter pilots... not exactly the every day-run of the mill recruit. Calhoun has a unique perspective on how to identify them though, after all, that's his alma mater. The 50 year old was the Falcons QB in the mid 80's. He's still calling the shots you could say as he leads a group that finished 9-3 into Tucson for this year's Arizona Bowl.

There are a lot of so called experts that feel Air Force should have been picked to play in a larger more notable bowl than this one, Calhoun won't take the bait on such banter. Instead he remains focused on trying to secure the Falcons second 10 win season in his tenure.

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