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September, October events at Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

TUBAC, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Looking for something to do outside over the weekend?  Why not visit Tubac Presidio Historic Park.  Interested in an event, don't forget to call and make your reservations in advance of attending. 

September events:

The Presidio has three new temporary exhibits that will be ending in October 

The Sharp Edge of Mexico: Knives and Swords of the Frontier
This is a unique and fascinating exhibit of several Spanish and Spanish-Mexican swords of the 18th and 19th centuries. Come view the beautiful and intricate iron works of these weapons that range from a 1728 Spanish sword design that is considered the apex of sword development, to a heavy forged sword machete that could be used as a weapon or to harvest grass for horse feed. Included with park admission, $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

Native Americans in the U.S. Armed Forces
You’ve probably heard of the Navajo code-talkers that helped our nation in WWII, but are you aware that American Indians were invited by the 1775 Continental Congress to join the fight against the British?  This fabulous exhibit chronicles American Indians’ roles in all U.S. wars from Ely Parker who attained the rank of brigadier general in the Civil War to Bloody Knife, a Crow scout who died with Custer at Little Bighorn, to women who served as Marine reservists in WWII.  Don’t miss this one!  Included with park admission, $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

The Spanish Barb Horse
The Barbary horse came to southern Spain in 711 A.D. when the Moors from the Barbary coast invaded.  These horses were lighter, faster, agile and then bred with the Spanish horse. They came over to the Americas with Columbus in 1493 and changed native Americans way of life.  The exhibit tells the history of this breed, including that the pure Barb strain was lost and on the verge of extinction, when miraculously they were re-discovered! Included with park admission, $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

Ongoing Exhibit: Unique 1800’s Ambulance
This exhibit at the Tubac Presidio is a rare original 1800’s period carriage called an ambulance.  It has been restored and modified to replicate the ambulance that Phocion R. Way, an engraver from Cincinnati, Ohio, rode on from Mesilla on the Rio Grande River to Tucson in June of 1858. Many other figures in Tubac’s Territorial history arrived here on this type of vehicle because of its comfort and speed.  Our ambulance was restored over thirteen months by Hanson Wheel and Wagon in Letcher, South Dakota and is the only known vehicle of its type on display anywhere in the world.  Included with park admission, $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

Art Exhibit: The Arizona Cavalcade of History – The Alan B. Davis Gallery is open with 16 paintings by renowned Western artist William Ahrendt, each depicting a significant event in Arizona’s colorful history. The paintings and their historical narratives were featured as a special 16-part “Cavalcade of History” series in Arizona Highways magazine from 1987 through 1990.  Arizona Highways remembers this series as “among the magazine's most remembered illustrations.” The giclée reproductions on canvas were donated to the Tubac Historical Society in memory of longtime Tubac resident and businessman Alan B. Davis. The collection is on permanent display at the Tubac Presidio’s Otero Hall.  Included with park admission: $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

Experience Our New Children’s Garden
The children’s garden by the schoolhouse allows children of all ages to play hopscotch, marbles, and jump-rope the old-fashioned way. The wonderful colors of the various flowers will attract you, along with butterflies and hummingbirds.  Come be as sunny as the sunflowers and delight in some summer fun. Included with park admission, $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

Frontier Printing Press Demonstrations
The Washington Hand Press used to print Arizona’s first newspaper in 1859 is here.  Watch a video about hand press printing, type setting, and other aspects of this marvel of industrial engineering.  Copies of the first edition are available in the gift shop.  Included with park admission: $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

October events: 

Special Tours of Two Rarely Available Archaeological Sites, Saturday, October 7, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm 
In celebration of International Archaeology Month, Tubac Presidio State Historic Park will collaborate with Tumacácori National Historical Park to provide special tours of two unique archaeological sites.  Join Philip Halpenny at the Tubac Presidio for a tour of the Spanish colonial archaeological site that preserves the remains of the original 1752 Tubac town site.  The Archaeological Conservancy protects this site and participants are asked to sign 'An Acknowledgement of Risk Factors' before entering.  Meet at the Presidio at 9:30 am.  After the first tour, bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy in either Parks’ picnic area.  Next, we will meet in the Tumacácori parking lot at NOON and car pool with a National Park Service ranger for a tour of the Los Santos Ángeles de Guevavi mission.  Established by Father Kino in 1691 where the Pima Revolt began, excavations have revealed evidence of extensive prehistoric habitation on the mission site, along with evidence of mission era corrals and other structures.  This site is only available for special guided tours.  Fee is $15 per person and includes both tours and admission to both Parks.  Tour limited to 15.  For reservations call the Presidio at 520-398-2252 or

Teodoro ‘Ted’ Ramirez Artist-in-Residence Concert Series: Tres Guitarras, Saturday, October 14, 2 pm
This is Ted’s 7th season as our artist-in-residence, and he has a phenomenal line-up for us this year. Chris Jácome returns with two other stunning guitar masters. This level of musical ensemble is usually found in London, Paris, and New York City, but believe it or not - the trio will join us in Tubac for one concert featuring Chris, Bob Fahey & Stan Sorenson - all three musicians considered to be at the top of the guitar stage performance world and will grace the schoolhouse stage with their phenomenal flamenco, blues, and jazz guitars.  Tickets $25 adults, free for children 14 and younger.  Seating is limited, please call now for reservations, 520-398-2252.

Anza Day, Saturday, October 21, 9 am to 3 pm
The Presidio’s Anza Days celebration reflects historical accuracy and provides for the educational engagement of youngsters in this most significant event in Tubac’s history, when Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza made the 1775 overland expedition from Tubac to the Pacific.  It begins in the cool of the morning at 9 am with period costumed riders executing cavalry drills.  On the command of, “Vayan subiendo”, the Anza riders will assemble along with a host of imaginary settlers and livestock, and proceed to the steps of St. Ann's Church (the site of Tubac’s original church, Santa Gertrudis) where they will receive a blessing for the journey.  From 10 am to noon at the Presidio we will unveil our children’s Anza Discovery Program with costumes, activities, props, ponies and superb photo ops.  This is a wonderful opportunity to engage your children and grandchildren in Tubac’s colorful history.  A $1 per adult donation is suggested for supplies. For more information call the Presidio, 520-398-2252.

Teodoro ‘Ted’ Ramirez Artist-in-Residence Concert Series: Peter Dalton Ronstadt y Los Tucsonenses, Sunday, October 22, 2 pm
Peter D. Ronstadt y Los Tucsonenses are a regional music group that presents a new take on the traditional music of Southwest and Mexico. Their music is an evolution of a long standing Ronstadt family tradition - a tradition and family that includes their aunt, the legendary singer Linda Ronstadt and their father the late-great Michael J. Ronstadt. This will be a fantastic concert - one that presents a musical linage that is hard to beat. Please join us and welcome Peter D. Ronstadt, Alex Flores & Bobby Ronstadt (Los Tucsonenses) as they offer a fantastic musical journey through the post-modern American West. Tickets $18 adults, free for children 14 and younger.  Seating is limited, please call now for reservations, 520-398-2252.

Tubac's 4th Annual Traditional Day of the Dead Celebration & Procession - Sunday, October 29, 11 - 4 pm 
The Tubac celebration of Día de los Muertos is an event exuberantly honoring our ancestors and community.  Everyone is welcome to create an ofrenda or altar and these will be displayed throughout the community.  At Tubac Presidio State Historic Park beginning at 11 am and running until 4 pm, we’ll have face painting, live music, food vendors with a wonderful variety of offerings, ofrenda exhibits, intention writing and crafts for the children. In the afternoon a splendid procession will march through the streets to the Tubac Cemetery and end at a symbolic bonfire in the Sculpture Garden at the K. Newby Gallery.  There will also be music, dancing, food and drink in the Sculpture Garden.  Participants are encouraged to come in costume, have their faces painted and bring mementos of loved ones to memorialize in the parade and at the bonfire. Purchase your tickets at the Presidio by October 28 and receive a discount: Adults $6, youth (7-13), $1, children (younger than 7) are free. Day of event ticket prices $8 adults, $2 youth (7-13), children (younger than 7) are free.

Returning this Fall: popular speaker Jack Lasseter and Artist-in-Residence Ted Ramirez and Friends

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