Tuesday's Tail: Sophia

Tuesday's Tail: Sophia

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Today's Tuesday's Tail is a birthday girl!

Sophia came into Pima Animal Care Center over a year ago with a major wound. She was treated with antibiotics and ended up in PACC's foster program. Since her laceration took such a prolonged time to heal doctors tested Sophia for Feline Leukemia, or FeLV, and she tested positive. FeLV is a virus that is spread solely between cats through bodily fluids from sharing the same food/ water bowls, litter pans, or even when a positive cat grooms another without the virus. Luckily, cats can be positive and still live a happy, healthy life. After her recovery, Sophia has stayed with her foster mom while PACC tries to find her a permanent home that can provide an indoor-only lifestyle as an only cat, or a home that has other FeLV positive cats.

Sophia is turning three and she is very playful and active.  In celebration of Sophia's time with PACC, they are throwing her a birthday party on Thursday, January 26th at 3 PM in PACC's adoptable cat room.

Sophia's adoption fee has been waived, and like all PACC pets, she will go home with all vaccinations, microchip, and a free vet visit.

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