Marana High School's Alf Bergesen getting students hooked on history

Marana High School's Alf Bergesen getting students hooked on history

MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Teens in Alf Bergesen's history class at Marana High School are taking a trip back in time.

"I've never seen a history teacher honestly be excited about their subject. He's a teacher that wants people to love going to his class," junior Kaitlyn Susa said.

Sitting through a long lecture is no fun. Bergesen gets that.

"I try to make it as lively as possible and I really try to make the kids think instead of just telling them what happened," Bergesen said.

Teens are out of their seats, working in teams, piecing together history.

"He's shown us that learning can be fun and that it doesn't always have to be by the book," junior Josiah Hilsabeck said.

Bergesen said, "I think when they see how history can relate to what is going on today I think that makes it more interesting and makes it more real."

From the recent presidential election to a lesson on the Civil War, students like Susa are getting hooked on history.

"I'm not a history buff. I'm not a fan, and I've actually liked it," Susa said.

Junior Samuel Keto said, "Every single day he's right there in front of the class, energetic; always has the day extremely well put together."

Bergesen says whether they realize it or not, teens are picking up skills they'll use for the rest of their lives.

"Being a critical thinker helps people evaluate information and I think that's a skill they can use not only in history, but just in life."

Hilsabeck said, "He actually cares. He actually cares about his students. He actually cares that we learn and he cares that we have fun."

Bergesen said, "Seeing them understand history and appreciate it and make the connection themselves, it's the best feeling."

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