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TUSD board member apologizes for 'white supremacy rules' comment

Rachael Sedgwick. (Source: Tucson Unified School District) Rachael Sedgwick. (Source: Tucson Unified School District)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson Unified School District governing board member Rachael Sedgwick has admitted she said “white supremacy rules” during a one-on-one meeting with a constituent.

She spoke with Tucson News Now on Thursday, Feb. 16, and said she was sorry for the remarks.

“I’ll never say, for any reason, (those) words again,” Sedgwick said. “I’m very very sorry. I apologize for making the comments. I’m sorry if I offended anybody.”

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On Tuesday, Feb. 14, Adam Ragan confronted Sedgwick about her comments during the TUSD board meeting. You can watch the video HERE.

"We are seeing some troubling behavior in member conduct and forgive me if I get a little impassioned about this, but I'm speaking perfectly frankly Ms. Sedgwick about your remark that quote, 'white supremacy rules,'" Ragan said in the meeting. "These words are disgusting and are wrong in any context and to come from a governing board member calls into question your ability to impartially discharge the duties of your office."

Sedgwick said the constituent she was talking to coerced her into making the statement and it was taken out of context.

“I was trying to show how bizarre the statement is," she said. "He really wanted me to say something like that. I allowed myself to get frustrated and I said the words I felt that he wanted to hear.

"That he had been repeating this phrase and I sort a said oh yeah, right. And I said it in a way that was very ironic and facetious.”

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