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Cool Hand Lute

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas would know a thing or two about how tough it is to win at McKale as an opponent, not as a player but as a coach. He was an assistant at his alma mater Duke back in 1991 when the Blue Devils came to Tucson and left double overtime losers.

While his connection with the Wildcats go back to the 90's, his connection to Lute Olson goes back a little longer. 

"Coach Olson recruited me to Iowa," said Bilas. "He was the head coach of Iowa back then. I graduated high school in 1982. I love him and still do. He's one of the not only great coaches but great gentleman I've ever met. My mom was going to Iowa. She loved him. That was a done deal. As soon as he walked in the door she thought he was Paul Newman. When he spoke I was riveted to it. He's one of those coaches that you trusted right out of the gate . I'm not disappointed in the choice i made coach k was a great choice but it was hard to say no to Coach Olson."

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