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AMBER Alert coordinator explains alert activation process

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

An AMBER Alert was sent out at 12:10 am Tuesday morning after a kidnapping and sexual assault.

The alert included the vehicle description, license plate number, and details of the incident that happened around 8:30 pm Monday. 

Trooper Chrystal Moore, AMBER Alert coordinator for the Department of Public Safety said the process for the alert stared early on. 

At 8:55 pm, Moore said they received a call about a possible missing child. 

At 9:05 pm, Moore said they received another call. 

At 11:40 pm, TPD called with the AMBER Alert information and the activation process began at 11:41 pm, according to Moore. 

"They were very proactive and we have a lot of agencies that are getting  that way where they're calling and saying hey we have a missing child. Here's the information. We'll call you back when we've determined it meets the criteria," Moore said. 

The AMBER Alert was entered into the system at 12:10 am, about 30 minutes after the call from TPD. 

Moore said agencies have to meet the criteria for an alert before the activation process can take place. 

  1. An abduction of a child (under 18) has occurred.
  2. The abduction poses a credible threat of immediate danger of serious bodily injury of death to the child.
  3. A law enforcement agency has determined that the child is not a runaway and has not been abducted as a result of a child custody dispute, unless the dispute poses a credible and or specific threat of serious bodily harm or death to the child.
  4. There is sufficient descriptive information about the child, abductor and the circumstances surrounding the abduction to indicate that the activation of the Amber Alert will locate the child and/or suspect.
  5. There is information available to disseminate to the general public, which could assist in the safe recovery of the child and/or the apprehension of a suspect.

Moore said said it could take some time for agencies to determine all of these requirements are met. 

"The time line really depends on families calling. It depends on witnesses. It depends on their investigation and what they're finding in their investigation," Moore said. 

TPD is still searching for the suspect in this incident. 

He's described as a white man, 6-foot, 40-50 years old with a wide, strong build. He was wearing a black cloth jacket, black pants and black hat.

The TPD said the suspect has pock marks on his face, may be carrying brass knuckles and smelled of beer.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 911 or 88-CRIME.

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