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Marana mulls not renewing contract with PACC

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MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Some government in-fighting could end up costing you more if your stray pet winds up in the shelter.

Pima Animal Care Center picks up strays for the city of Tucson and other local governments, but one town now says it can do better.

This is very preliminary, but Marana officials say it's not about saving money, it's about providing exceptional service. The people we talked with would not say PACC does not provide adequate service now, so why the move?

Pima County told us late Friday afternoon, March 3, that the town of Marana never expressed concerns about service or quality of work.

Right now, the county picks up dogs and cats in Marana, provides shelter, spay and neuter services and veterinary services for about $240,000 out of the PACC $10 million budget.

Marana officials say, however, it could have its own animal control officers pick up animals, which could be sheltered at the Humane Society, if an agreement is reached.

The town of Marana put out a request to all potential providers and the Humane Society of Southern Arizona was the only one that replied.

In recent years, PACC has become a no-kill shelter, which has greatly increased its costs. These costs are passed on to the municipalities it serves, such as Tucson, Sahuarita, Oro Valley and Marana.

Those costs may rise when PACC's new $18 million animal care center is opened next year.

If Marana decides not to renew its contract, Pima County says it will not spread the costs to other communities, but does not say how it would pay for it.

However, a county memo says Marana residents would be assessed additional fees - for animal drop off, spay and neuter services, and boarding if it becomes necessary.

Marana will make a decision whether to stay or leave on March 14.

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