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Mexican Consulate opens legal defense center in Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

In response to recent immigration announcements by the Department of Homeland Security, the Mexican Consulate in Tucson opened a legal defense center Friday morning.

Consul Ricardo Pineda told a crowd in the consulate's lobby near the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Alvernon Way that there is a need for this sort of face-to-face service in southern Arizona.

"We are intending to work, really organize, in order to be vigilant of the full respect of the human rights of the Mexican community," he said.

Consulate staff is not certified to give legal advice, so Pineda said lawyers will be on hand at the office to provide immediate support. If lawyers are not available, he said staff will be able to direct families or individuals to the proper attorney.

Norma Delgado said she and her husband showed up for the first day of the legal defense center to learn the current state of immigration in the United States.

"Everything that is happening with immigration, we are afraid," she said. "It's good to have a center like this to keep us informed."

Delgado said there's misinformation circulating online about deportations and raids. She said the consulate is a trusted source of information at a time when so much is changing.

Alicia Mata agreed. She said it can be difficult to keep up with the latest immigration laws in the United States.

"Now with the new administration there are even more changes," she said. "It's their country, they have a right to do that. But we, Latinos, Hispanics, we also have rights. It's important that we know them."

That's the intention of the legal defense in Tucson and approximately 50 others in consulates across the United States.

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