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'A Day Without A Woman' urges women to skip work, don't shop

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It's International Women's Day and while countries around the globe are celebrating, people across the U.S. are preparing for a national strike. 

Today is also "A Day Without A Woman," a day when women are urged to skip work to show their importance to the economy.

But not everyone can afford to take a day off. 

Organizers say those who can't strike, can still participate in other ways...


Organizers urge people to wear red today as a symbol of solidarity.


According to Forbes, women are behind 70 to 80 percent of all consumer purchase.

Organizers ask people to limit their spending Wednesday to only small, minority or women-owned businesses.


Supporters can take a few minutes and simply call their representatives.

Organizers say to remind them that women's rights are human rights.


There are many organizations with women's rights in mind that need support. 

One of those organizations is the YWCA of Southern Arizona.

The organization offers a non-violent training course on how to address injustice. 

Since President Donald Trump took office in January, they say their workshop has been booked.

"Instead of responding to fear with violence, I think that it is really important to recognize how people can feel powerful when you recognize that other people in the community feel the same way,” said Suzanne Dovi a Univeristy of Arizona political science professor and new member of the course.

The free course just one of many programs that empowers people to stand up for one another.

“What we need is more compassion,” Dovi said. “We are faced with such big problems now that we need every mind working on these problems.”

The course teaches things like confrontation in a positive way.

“What they argue what you should do is not confront the violent person. It is to address the person being attacked; and ask them, ‘Would you like to go for a walk?’ or get them out of the situation," Dovi said.

The next workshop happens next Sunday, March 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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