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Hundreds attend candlelight vigil for baby Wyllow

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(Source: Facebook / Justice for Baby Wyllow) (Source: Facebook / Justice for Baby Wyllow)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Hundreds of people attended a vigil Thursday to honor the life of Wyllow, the 6-month-old girl who died last month.

Torrie Weinmaster, who worked with Wyllow’s mother, said she would see the baby whenever her mother would bring her in.

She said if Wyllow was there, she would be in her arms.

“She was just so precious, just so precious and so beautiful,” Weinmaster said. “Those fat little checks of hers, it was amazing to just spend that little bit of time with her that I did get to. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I just wish she was here so we could do it some more.”

Weinmaster said she got a call from Kylie Brewer on Feb. 19 saying 6-month-old Wyllow had passed away.

"I tried to keep Kylie close in a way so she didn't feel alone because like I said. I didn't know all of the details of what was going on. It was hard. It was really hard. And it didn't just shake my little world of knowing her but it shook this community," Weinmaster said. 

Weinmaster said her death shook not only herself, but the entire Tucson community.

Three people, including Wyllow's mother Kylie Marie Brewer, are now facing felony child abuse charges. 

The 19-year-old Brewer and Jon-Paul Bogdanowich Jr., 18, were arrested Tuesday, Feb. 28, while Kaylie Ryan Gossett, 22, was arrested the next day.

Doctors told investigators the 6-month-old had bruises on her head, fractures on both arms and legs, and her right arm was "grossly" displaced.

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Weinmaster said she organized the vigil to bring together not only those who knew Wyllow, but also complete strangers who were impacted by her death.

"I think it's time for her to feel love. I don't know what went on in that home but if there wasn't love, she's going to feel it tonight," Weinmaster said. 

The candlelight vigil was held in front of the downtown library at 101 N. Stone Avenue on Thursday. The event was moved from it's original location at Veinte de Agosto Park, and was open to the public.

Weinmaster stressed this event was not an attack on anyone, instead she wants to keep it peaceful and focused on Wyllow.

“With all those candles lit for her, she’s going to feel it,” she said. “I don’t know what happened in that home, but whatever love she didn’t get, she’s going to feel it.”

Rose Silvestre was one of several who attended the vigil. She said she never met Wyllow but was impacted by her death. 

"I have a daughter. She's 10 months. 6 months is even smaller. Like why would you do that," said Silvestre. 

Silvestre stared a Facebook group called justice for Wyllow, which now has hundreds of members from this community and all over the country. She says its emotional to see just how many people are showing love for the baby. 

"There's still good people left in the world. That they have a heart to show love for somebody they didn't even know," Silvestre said. 

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