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Arizona roads rank low in national study

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PIMA COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A new national study shows Arizona roads aren't making the grade.

According to a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Arizona received at "D" for its roads.

Arizona's bridges scored a little higher with a "C+" but when it came to public transportation, Arizona got a dismal grade of "D-."

Nationwide, roads scored an average grade of a "D."

The report also revealed 17 percent of Arizona’s city roads are in poor condition.

According to the Pima County Department of Transportation, 60 percent of Pima County roads are in poor or failed condition.

Officials say it would cost $250 million to bring them up to fair or good condition.

And not fixing those roads are costing drivers money.

 According to the ASCE, drivers spend $1.5 billion a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs due to driving on bad roads.

That’s $318 per driver.

According to the Pima County DOT, one solution to get the funding to fix the roads is raising the gas tax.

To see the full ASCE report, click HERE:

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