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Syrian refugee family finally reunited in Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A judge in Hawaii put a hold on the revised federal travel ban Wednesday afternoon, just hours before it was set to take effect. 

A family of Syrian refugees arrived in Tucson late Wednesday night. They would likely have been the last refugees to arrive in Tucson, if the travel ban had gone into effect. 

Donald Trump's executive action would've prevented people from six countries – Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya -- from obtaining new visas while also putting the US refugee program on hold for 120 days.

Members of the family which flew into Tucson already had their visas when the second ban was announced, so they weren't in danger of being affected. 

One of their family members, Mohammad Kheir, has been in Tucson since November. His reunion with his parents, two brothers and sister is about four months in the making. 

Kheir said he and his family all applied for refugee status at the same time but his was processed sooner. 

Kheir said their decision to flee war-torn Syria wasn't an easy one,  but they did it to build a better lives.. 

"We want to make our lives better than before. You know our situation," he said. "Everybody knows what happened for my country. It's very difficult choice when you leave your country but you don't have another choice."

There have been two federal travel bans during the four months Kheir has been waiting for his family. Despite the uncertainty, he said he remained hopeful and had faith everything would work out.

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