Envoy America offering free rides for cancer patients

Envoy America offering free rides for cancer patients

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Free rides for cancer patients offered via a partnership between Arizona-based Envoy America and the American Cancer Society.

According to a recent release, the free rides are for cancer patients who might otherwise struggle to make their appointments thanks to Envoy America who recently expanded their services to Tucson from the Phoenix area.

"We've used numerous third party services and immediately upon trying Envoy America we received very positive feedback from both American Cancer Society's Road To Recovery patients and the medical offices they visited," said Monica Escalante, American Cancer Society mission delivery manager. "Patients love that Envoy America gives them door-to-door service and that the same driver waits to take them home as soon as they're done.  The medical practices also love that a patient no longer has to wait sometimes hours for a ride home and that the Envoy driver is there to assist them every step of the way."

The American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery program provides specially trained drivers who donate their spare time and the use of their personal vehicles to drive cancer patients in their community to and from the potentially lifesaving treatments they need. When there aren't enough volunteers to assist each patient, the American Cancer Society has a special fund to cover the costs of using third-party services like taxis or ride-share services.

"We are so honored to work with the American Cancer Society to offer this crucial service to cancer patients in Tucson," said K.C. Kanaan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Envoy America. "Most often we assist seniors, but we are thrilled to help anyone who needs special assistance, and the Road To Recovery program is a perfect example of how our drivers help those in need of extra assistance beyond simply picking up and dropping off at the curb."

Envoy America is a safe, reliable, and affordable door-to-door ride service for seniors and those with extra needs in the Tucson and Phoenix areas. Unlike taxis or app-based ride services (which are typically up to 20 percent more expensive), Envoy drivers are carefully chosen, background checked, drug tested and trained to provide the highest levels of customer service. Drivers are also companions who assist the rider with medical appointments, grocery store visits, religious services, social activities, etc.

For example, drivers will accompany a senior or patient to a doctor's appointment, stay with them, accompany them to a pharmacy or lab to do additional work, and perhaps take them to a grocery store and assist by taking items from the upper and lower shelves and placing them in the basket. Envoy America is able to do this while other services cannot because clients are purchasing a block of time, not by the mile where drivers are fiscally incentivized to quickly move on to the next passenger.

For more information, visit www.envoyamerica.com.

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